Weather, Part Deux

So nearly a week ago I got a weather station. Since then, I’ve hacked up some Python to deal with the temperature data and spew it into graphs. I haven’t got to doing the same with the humidity data, that can be Part Trois…

Anyway, graphs (update every 15 minutes). The last 24 hours:

The last week:

If anyone’s particularly interested I could post the Python that does this. It’s not the most exciting (or, I don’t doubt, the most well-written) code in the entire world but there’s probably someone weird enough to want to see how dire a job I can do of chopping a string up.
I added some optimisation to only parse lines which haven’t been seen before using a temp file so after the initial run the longest part is now uploading the images.

Apparently weather stations are a “conversation killer, if there ever was one!!!”. Who would have thought it?

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  1. Heh, did almost the exact same thing you did…purchased the same unit as you…found the wmr100 code at github, etc…was just looking at parsing it into my own set of rrd stuff. If you’ve already done it, I wouldn’t mind taking a look at your code.

    rrd sometimes drives me to drink…

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