Stats and stuff, two years on

I meant to post this long before now but other stuff and general procrastination got in the way.

So last year it seemed like a good idea to take some kind of look at the year that had just gone, through the lens of the stats I gather on Daytum. This is the same again for the year that’s about to end.
I suppose these are like a much duller version of Nicholas Felton’s annual reports. Getting to the point, a comparison between this year and last:

So the tl;dr version: twice as much tea (six cups a day!?) and water, lots less orange juice.

The other stuff I mentioned last year:

  • 442 car journeys (about twice every 2 days)
  • 132 shaves (about twice every 5 days)
  • 250 bus journeys (i.e. 2 every 3 days)

Last time I said I’d like an S60-native interface; since then I’ve done away with my Nokia N96 for an HTC Desire (running Android). An iPhone app recently entered some sort of beta and apparently the API is “built out enough for the iphone app” that they could give access to it but there’s no sign of that so far.

I also said I’d struggle to justify the price of a “pro” account – eventually I wanted more “displays” (views into the data to which some criteria can be applied, e.g. a pie chart of drinks in the last year) so I upgraded.
The privacy options were a nice addition but I’m not sure that privacy is something you should have to pay for.

It feels as if progress on the whole site has slowed to a crawl — I’m not sure whether the issue is time, finance or something completely different.