Sorry Qmail, it’s over

Since the dawn of time (even before switching from RedHat to Debian ~6 years ago) I’ve used the Qmail MTA, with a whole pile of other crud piled on top (like vpopmail to handle virtual users, and some Perl to hook up to SpamAssassin and ClamAV). It worked (in the loosest sense), but had loads […]


After hearing Nicholas Felton talking on Boagworld about his annual reports and Daytum, I thought it might be interesting to sign up. After being bitten by an issue — having reject_non_fqdn_hostname (which apparently now lives in a separate config option and calls itself reject_non_fqdn_helo_hostname) in smtpd_recipient_restrictions results in postfix/smtpd[10468]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 504 […]

Which Office 2007 App Are You?

Which 2007 Office Application Are You? You are Excel 2007! People trust you to find the right answer. They call you “the wizard” and are in awe of your PivotTable. When you say you love functions, it’s understood that you’re referring to spreadsheets, not social events. You import and export with ease, always maintaining balance. […]


No, it isn’t some kinky fun with rubber :-p [math] F(hkl) = \sum _{j} f _j (\theta) \cdot \exp[-8\pi^2U_j\sin^2 \frac {\theta} {\lambda^2}] \cdot \exp [2 \pi i (hx_j + ky_j + i z_j] [/math]