RIAT 2014

The 2014 Royal International Air Tattoo was last July; I intended to post this rather less than 4 months after the fact1 but it got stuck in my procrastination pile.

I had a three day ticket (Friday to Monday) which included, on the Friday, access to the pit area where the display teams2 parked their aircraft when they weren’t on display.

The photos I’ve gotten3 around to processing and uploading to Flickr:

The weather was very good, which is always a plus when you’re wandering around a field all day. Saturday was scorching hot and Sunday was cloudy with a little rain. However on Friday, it was cloudy but still more than sunny enough for me to get quite sunburned4:

By the time I got home I was peeling lots.

  1. I might even have settled for doing it before tickets for 2015 went on sale []
  2. Frecce Tricolori, Red Arrows, Breitling Jet Team, Patrouille de France and Patrouille Suisse []
  3. Out of around 4500 images — every time I dig through the pile I find another few worth bothering with []
  4. Protip: sun cream needs to be used to be effective… []

Mmmm, braaaaains

A week past on Saturday I went to Glasgow’s Zombie Walk to take photos of the brain-munching undead…it was fun, and here’s hoping next year’s even better!

Some of the photos I took that have made it to Flickr so far…


Zombie Bride A respirator: bloody useless against zombies

Alex Parcel of braaaains?


Before Christmas I hired a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens from Lenses For Hire. It’s a really nice lens, although, as with any macro lens the depth of field at the minimum focus distance (32cm) is rather small (~1mm at f/2.8, ~4mm at f/11)

Aeonium Daisy Doo

So I bought one…a few shots from the other day:

IMG_1131 IMG_1203-EditIMG_1252-Edit

Next order of business is a new camera bag and a decent tripod.