After years ((Google Analytics stats go back to 2013, AWStats has data going back to 2005!)) of running a Mediawiki instance effectively read-only ((with user registration disabled and a registered user required to edit content)), I’ve ported the content across to a static Jekyll site.
Although I didn’t bother measuring it, performance feels much better ((makes sense: each page should be a bit smaller and there’s no database involved in generating the pages)).

There wasn’t a lot of content, so it didn’t take long to copy and paste and turn into Markdown. The plus side of being Markdown-based is that if I decided to use another static site generator ((I briefly played with using Hugo – neither Jekyll or Hugo really lend themselves very well to non-blog content)) it wouldn’t be difficult to drop the content in.

The permalinks for each page are set to match the path for the old Mediawiki pages, so any old links should still work. Google Analytics is also no more.

However, the content is very outdated (some was incomplete to begin with; I also started using Ansible to do config management so some is just done differently now) so it might be time to do away with the whole lot. I’ve been playing with the idea of replacing/supplementing this blog with a Jekyll one, so it wasn’t a total waste of time anyway.