After my (now out of warranty) OS WMR100 crapping out one too many times: loads of signal issues, mainly affecting the anemometer but occasionally also the rain gauge and external temperature sensor. The console is currently balanced at an angle on a glass because it was the only way to get a reliable signal and […]

New kit

I upgraded to an OS WMR100: about as close to a proper weather station as it gets. As well as measuring temperature and humidity like the RMS300, it also has wireless wind and rain gauges, the option for a UV sensor and sufficiently improved range that putting the sensors outdoors is feasible. Finding a suitable […]

Weather, part 3

In part two I said I hadn’t done humidity yet. Now I have – it was fairly easy to do and I was short of something better to do in the wee hours of the morning. Twelve hours: One day: I was asked in #bitfolk whether the station did anything other than temperature and I […]